Automate your customer feedback analysis

Discover trends and avoid crises

Thanks to real-time sentiment tracking you’ll quickly find out when there’s a positive or negative trend in customer satisfaction. That information can help you take strategic actions to benefit from the momentum or it can be just as vital for avoiding a PR crisis. 

Save time. Really.

With AlfaSent you no longer need to read through each review, chat message or social media post manually in order to get useful insights. Our software does the analysis so you have time to make strategic decisions that will improve customer satisfaction. 

Get marketing insights you never expected

Learn how your customers really feel about your business. Inform your sales and marketing team to make their jobs easier and increase your revenue. 

If your customers take the time to voice their opinion, they deserve to be heard.

From text to sentiments


Your customers can voice their opinions in many different ways and on many different platforms. Just think about the number of reviews that are written on a daily basis. Add to that social media posts and direct messages via chat or email, and you end up with an overwhelming amount of unstructured data.

Your customers express what they like and dislike about your products or services in these texts, so how can you turn this into useful insights?

With AlfaSent, we want to help you to extract all of that information, so you can truly understand your customers.

Our AI is based on years of research in the field of sentiment analysis and emotion detection. The results are presented in a user-friendly dashboard, where you can quickly pinpoint what is going well and where your customers would like to see some improvements.

From sentiments to strategies


Find out which aspects your customers talk about. In our dashboard, you see an overview of the high-level topics like Product, Personnel or Company.

We then dive even deeper by providing more fine-grained topics as well. Are they talking about the price or the quality of the products? And how about the friendliness of your staff?


For each topic, we can tell you whether your customers are talking about it in a positive or a negative way. That’s right, no vague sentiments on sentence or review level, but a sentiment for each topic that is mentioned in a text. 

By using a five-point sentiment scale, ranging from very positive to very negative, you get even more insights into what truly enlightens your customers, or what doesn’t.


Emotions offer an extra layer of information on top of the sentiments. This way, you can quickly see which topics trigger strong emotions among your customers.

On top of that, by looking at the negative emotions, you can quickly identify customers who need to be contacted so you can turn an angry customer into a happy one.

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